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About the Program

Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation and Google Turkey are organizing an Android Academy with the support of Information and Communication Technologies Authority and with the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines and General Mobile. Android Academy program is for students who are studying software in university or who are confident in their technical skills and who have an entrepreneurship potential.

With Android Academy, we aim to develop applications that generate technological solutions to social problems in 3 main areas using Android technology.

The Academy is open to all young people who are motivated to solve social problems with Android applications and who are aiming to offer new solutions.

  • Citizen Engagement

    Solving the basic social problems we face every day on a daily basis is a rising trend in the world. Everyone’s participation and engagement should be increased with new mobile applications developed in this area . For example, enabling citizens to declare their ideas in municipal projects, such as the creation of collective projects, will be the main theme of this topic.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart cities have begun to grow with the expansion of the Internet (IoT-Internet of Things) and the influence of municipal services in Turkey. For this reason, applications that use IOT sensors and technology to connect components across the city are needed more than ever. Practices that will even affect the air we breathe will be the main theme of this topic.

  • Accessibility

    We have a long way to promote the full and unrestricted participation of elderly or disabled people through the use of technology. Easy-to-use and accessible applications for elderly people, disabled people or for anyone experiencing difficulties accessing their basic needs will be the main focus of this topic.

Who Can Apply?

Young people who can join Android Academy should be university students who are generally studying in computer engineering departments or have knowledge of software, who have an interest in the user experience area, and who have an interest in developing mobile applications. Students can apply in groups of 3-4 people.

A group must have 2 developers, 1 UX expert and 1 marketing expert. This would increase the power of the group and enable developing right applications.

Selection Process

Participants in the Android Academy will pass through a two-step selection system and a maximum of 15 teams will be selected to participate in the Academy.

1. Application Form:
Applicants’ personal information, software experience, and entrepreneurial potentials will be evaluated in the application form.

At this stage, it is very important that the teams clearly express themselves, express their ideas in the topic that they chose and express their competencies.

1. Online Interview:
The teams will participate in online interviews with the selection committee. In the interview, the mobile application ideas that teams applied with will be evaluated and communication skills of the applicants will be scored.

At this stage it is very important that the teams express their ideas and the strengths of their teams.

Application Process

14 - 30 September

Online Interviews

9 – 10 October

Trainings and Mentorings

16 - 20 October

Pitching Trainings

13 November

Pitching Mock-ups

27 - 28 November

Demo Day

11 January

Are you ready for Android Academy?

Android Academy is a 2 months program made of 4 steps.

1 - Trainings

Selected teams will receive training from different trainers on topics such as android development, new android features, software tricks, business model development, marketing, customer access, and financial modeling. They will be able to improve their ideas and improve themselves on Android software.

2 - Mentorings

During and after the first 5 days of the Academy, our teams will work on the business models and the techniques of mobile applications that they are developing with their mentors. Mentors will be from different specializations such as marketing, finance, business development, software, sales. Mentoring sessions will continue on a weekly basis until Demo Day. Our mentors will include Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation Board of Trustees and its network, Google’s network, General Mobile’s consultants and different specialists.

3 - Pitching Trainings

Our teams who bring their ideas into practice will experience how to express their ideas in 5 minutes before going to jury on Demo Day. Our teams will develop themselves on the right presentation materials, shortly on the effective presentation of the idea and presentation techniques.

4 - Demo Day

Our teams will make their 5 minute presentations in front of the grand jury. They will have 5 minutes to answer juries’questions. A maximum of 3 teams will be selected to participate in the entrepreneurial ecosystem tour in San Francisco and will receive ongoing mentoring support. The Android Academy will continue to support teams to further develop their practices.